• USISTEF recognises that Mentors� play an important role in the early stages of the start-up life cycle. Usually, mentors are the ones who have themselves gone through the similar experiences at some point of time during their own entrepreneurial journey and hence are best placed to share their experiential wisdom and render practical advice which can immensely benefit the start-up company. Mentors belong to the overall start-up eco-system and in addition to having a specific constituent or domain specificity, they also have an overall perspective to visualise the things in a holistic and fully integrated fashion. Mentors can also sometime provide highly specialised inputs related to their specific domain expertise in specific cases to address unique problems and facilitate a head-way in seemingly dead-end situations.

Purpose and Scope

  • The purpose of creating this platform is to establish an enabling virtual mechanism to connect potential mentors having the desire and passion to share their knowledge and experience with the start-up companies and next generation entrepreneurs, who might be looking for this kind of relationship and can genuinely benefit from such advice.
  • Our intent is to populate this site with the profile of potential mentors who have volunteered to dedicate some of their time in the role of mentor-ship. The companies seeking advice and looking for a mentor can go through these profiles to identify contextual suitability of a particular mentor in their specific context. The scope of this portal is limited to enable the very basic and initial connect. Beyond this point, the company may directly approach the mentor of their choice outside this portal through conventional mode of communication and establish a formal willingness and understanding on the part of both the parties (mentor and mentee) to take forward the relationship.


  • USISTEF will in no way either facilitate a formal alliance or be a part of it. Further, USISTEF will not own any responsibility for the soundness of any advice rendered by the mentor to the mentee company; nor will it be held responsible for any direct or indirect loss, damage or injury of any kind caused to either of the parties on account of this relationship.