• USISTEF provides grant-in-aid support to various start-up initiatives that are driven by S&T based innovation and supported by an appropriate business model to connect the delivery end. The innovation can come forth either in terms of affordability or improved features of the product or a combination of both. Societal relevance is also one of the criteria to assess the impact which the innovation can bring about to the lives of a large number of people, particularly in the under-served category.
  • USISTEF has supported several such start-up companies since 2010 in the areas of affordable healthcare, biomedical devices, agriculture, environment and banking solutions at the last and lowest end of the pyramid. Products and services of many of these companies have already hit the market place. These numbers will eventually be ever increasing as we continue to support such initiatives during the coming years.
  • The challenges faced by the small start-up companies, driven by S&T based innovation are both exciting as well as unique, as compared to large and well established companies. Conversely, they provide a unique set of environment and opportunities for professional learning and personal growth which is so very different from any other academic or professional setting.

Purpose and Scope

  • The purpose of creating this platform is to provide a virtual mechanism to youth who may be interested to work as "Interns" in such typical start-up companies, supported by USISTEF, for a period and terms mutually agreed upon by the potential Intern and the Start-up Company.
  • Such an arrangement is envisaged to be mutually rewarding to both the Intern as well as the Company. The intern will get an opportunity to acquire a very unique exposure and hands-on experience to work in a start-up eco-system. In addition to augmenting general professional learning, this real life experience will be having special significance to people who themselves aspire to be entrepreneurs and start their own companies as a preferred career option.
  • The company will benefit by way of access to a qualified (and many a times trained with unique skillset) and highly motivated young resource with plenty of energy and enthusiasm, at no or very little cost to them. This kind of leveraging may again be of specific interest to start-up companies who generally are resource constrained during the formative years of their existence.
  • The intent of USISTEF is to provide a voluntary facilitating mechanism and create a win-win situation built around the core principles of harnessing youth power, creating learning opportunity for future entrepreneurs and leveraging the cost of skilled human resources for the start-up companies at a time they need it the most.
  • Aspiring "Interns" may post their profile on this portal, which is also connected to the companies supported by USISTEF. While USISTEF will generally encourage its Awardee Companies to look at and consider such applications seriously for obvious reasons of logic, the host companies will ultimately have the final choice in accepting a particular Intern or otherwise, based on their own specific requirement and overall business considerations.
  • USISTEF will not use its position to influence such decisions in any way and the final agreement of such relationships will be left to the mutual understanding between the Intern and the Company, directly. USISTEF will not be responsible for any direct or indirect loss, damage or injury caused to any of the parties (Interns/ companies) due to this relationship

Terms & Conditions

  • The purpose of this corner is limited to establish a basic connect amongst potential partners by way of information sharing. Beyond that, interested parties should contact each other directly through email or any other mode of communication.
  • USISTEF will not be responsible for any dispute which may emerge amongst the partners, in partnerships developed through this route.
  • By accessing and using this portal, you are expressly consenting to our use and disclosure of your personal information. USISTEF reserves the right to review the profile before posting it on the site, and, to terminate the profile at any time without assigning any reason if it finds the information contained therein inappropriate. Please note that USISTEF also retains the right to adapt its policies and priorities over time, depending on the circumstances.
  • The Portal must not be used for fraudulent purposes or in connection with an unlawful activity; to send, state, publish, use or reuse any material which is offensive, abusive, defamatory, indecent, obscene, threatening or illegal or in breach of any other rights; or to transmit any chain letters, spam letters, or junk email or participate in malicious behaviour which causes or may cause damage, annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety to USISTEF or any other member or user of the USISTEF Portal.